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Release 7-23-2016

When selecting Widget Style, only the relevant options appear in the Look and feel form.

ImageList Widget.  You can now select how you want your images aligned horizontally.  (Left, Center, Right)

Background image for Page, Section and Widget now let you set the image position.  This allow you to set the portion of the image that stays on the screen when the browser is resized.  You can select the corners or the top or bottom center.  For example the sun in the sunset on the page stays on the page, regardless of the browser window size.
Release 7-10-2016

Added an option for setting a maximum extra fee.

Changed the text slightly for the extra fee.  See example below

Release 7-9-2016
Added “Hide Header & Footer during actions” option to the App Page look & feel.  Even though we recommend that you keep you header fairly short, some of your designs require this to be very tall.  This confuses the user when they perform an actions like donate or register because the action form might not be in view.  Turning this option on will hide the header and footer during the action.

Added the ability to turn off email verification for check transactions.  You will have to ask us to make this setting change for you, but you will have to promise not to complain if you get unverified check transactions or are unable to contact the people making the transaction. :)  We added this as a security feature for you, but will turn if off if you are willing to take the responsibility.

Also, we did a little work on our page.  Mostly featuring the walks live on new system.  Please let us know if we are missing you.

Release 7-7-2016

Changed button text from “Pay with PayPal” to “Pay with Credit Card or PayPal”.

Corrected an issue where the order was being lost in the ImageList widget.

Added feature to allow you to configure if you want to ask the donor if they will help pay the cost of the site and transaction with an additional donation.  The fee can be configured different for Credit Cards/PayPal or Check.  Let us know if you want this option turned on.

We configure a percent.  The system then selects a dollar amount (by one dollar increments) that will cover the configured percent.

If configured, the following screen will appear after the payment type is selected.

Release 7-1-2016

Corrected bug where the informational email that a team was created was not being sent.

When entering the Find Team screen, the user is now presented with the list of teams without having to click the search button.

Release 6-20-2016
When the default registration type (the one listed at the top) did not include a shirt, the shirt options were still listed.  Made correction so they no longer display.
Release 6-18-2016

Added new Social Widget using the controls supplied by  Using this control adds more options for social sharing.

Changed control on the team page to use this same control. 

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