Not just walks.

EZ Event Solutions has expanded to include fundraiser golf tournaments! Create a website to host your golf fundraising event. Features include:

·     Personal website designed by YOU


·     Integrated messaging system for user communication


·     Auto-generated start times


·     Single or team registration

Save time and automate.

EZ Event Solutions will automatically generate start times for your golf tournament, or allow you to do this by hand. This can be done in the classic tee-time style or shotgun style – whatever fits your event the best!

·     Tee times: set up golfers or teams with classic tee-times


·     Shotgun: all golfers start at the same time, but on different holes

Keep costs low.

Let's cut to the chase: price is important. You want to maximize exposure and minimize costs to put as many resources towards helping people with special needs and their support communities as possible. In order to help you maximize the utility of the generous donations you've received, we've decided to that any golf tournament you host through us will cost you exactly $200. This is a flat rate, regardless of the size or site usage. Simple.

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